KATUMBA drum Manchester Revolucion de Cuba Party 2017
Clubnights & Stage Shows



Although small in comparison to KATUMBA BLOCO, the impact of our SHOW BAND is just as immense! With intricate beats and impressive choreography, our advanced group of theatrical drummers get the party started! Suitable for a range of events including festivals, weddings, private parties, club nights, sporting events and charity fundraisers. Watch us in action.



Whilst a hefty collection of Brazilian drums are always at the core of every Katumba show – KATUMBA DRUM ‘N’ BRASS works with brass, electronics and vocals to fuse tribal beats with samba-reggae, drum and bass, hip hop and heaps of funk! Watch us in action.

This eclectic stage band requires several direct and overhead microphones, with monitor setup for brass section and keyboard/laptop. Detailed stage plan available.


Contact us and tell us about your event. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!