Team Building Workshops
Team Building Workshops

Group Drumming – Promote Teamwork, Positivity and Wellness in the Workplace

Percussion is a great way to build camaraderie, promote diversity and motivate staff. Group drumming can also refresh a workplace with rhythm, energy, creativity and fun!

By Leigh-Angel
Thu 15 August, 2019


When delivering our workshops, it’s always entertaining to see the facial expressions of a staff team walking in to a room full of drums. Reactions range from surprise, awe, pure excitement, and sometimes even terror!

The beauty of bringing drumming to the workplace is that is has something for everybody. Most staff acknowledge the overwhelming teambuilding benefits, some embrace it as an entertaining (and sometimes much needed!) break from routine, others may find it an exciting new challenge to overcome. Many see all this simultaneously!


The Power of Drumming

Since the dawn of time drumming has been an intrinsic part of humanity, used as a powerful tool to enhance communication, create unity and empower.

An abundance of scientific research has proven the impact of group drumming on positive health and wellbeing of individuals, and also in building strong communities.

Drumming takes us to a safe space where we can learn, make mistakes, explore our creativity and become vulnerable. With vulnerability comes a trust, which – through drumming together – can be built upon to connect, communicate and grow as a team, in a fun and fresh way!


Drumming in the Corporate World

In recent years, drumming is being channelled in all directions – to improve communication and collaboration, to build enthusiasm and motivate staff teams after intense and busy periods of work, to create a ‘wow’ factor at company gathering or with delegates at conferences – the possibilities are endless!

Katumba is one of the leading providers of corporate drumming workshops in the North West. Having delivered workshops to staff teams of 4 right up to 400, Katumba are flexible and committed to creating an energetic and atmospheric session that is tailored and bespoke to each and every client.

Katumba can also perform as part of a conference or company event. Our theatrical show band are an exciting and novel way to promote diversity and inclusion whilst getting delegates moving and grooving!

We have loved working with a range of clients, including Google, Brighthouse, Everton FC and Barnado’s to name a few. Have a read of some of our great reviews here.


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