This is Katumba’s first studio release, and part 1 of our upcoming album!

Fusing Samba-Reggae and Afro-Brazilian influences with an eclectic mixture of world rhythms, WONDER WHAT'S BEYOND (PART 1) encapsulates Katumba's unique sound, and paves the way for our upcoming album!This release showcases our Katumba drummers performing 5 tracks composed by Katumba Director Ritchie Tunstall.Track list1. Novo Começo2. Balança3. Thunder and Lightning4. Gordo5. MaracalypsoPlayersDobra- Debbie Moses, Flavia Turrini, Nat SumnerAlfaia- Juliana Landim, Victoria MasonBass 1- Libby JarretBass 2- KT Crozier, Phil CrozierBass 3- Kat LameyRepinique- Andy Fu, Phil MasonSnare- Alan Mclean, Stu Thomas, Darren Quinn // Every purchase contributes to the financial sustainability of our community drumming projects - thank you for keeping Katumba alive! \\