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Barnados Workshop (6)
Grab a pair of drumsticks and have a go at drumming, Katumba style! Our fun and accessible workshop is perfect for all levels, from beginners to experienced drummers.
18 May 2019 12:15pm -
18 May 2019 13:00pm
Katumba Culture Hub

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IGpost (6)
Come for a taste of Liverpool's Katumba Drumming & Movement! In 4 lessons, learn the basics of drumming, rhythm, technique & movement in our drumming course for beginners
By Leigh-Angel
Fri 24 July, 2020

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Katumba Drumming Taster
Summer is nearly here, and after so many months of lockdown, it’s time to get out there, connect with each other and have loads of fun, Katumba style!
12 Jun 2021 11:30am -
12 Jun 2021 17:30pm
Katumba Culture Hub

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Drumming Group Liverpool -
Come and experience Liverpool’s Katumba Drumming Tasters and Beginners Courses!
Tue 06 July, 2021

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