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With over 80 trained drummers from all over the globe, KATUMBA champions diversity and multiculturalism through our powerful music and dance.


Founded by Musical Director Ritchie Tunstall (formerly of Batala Liverpool), and native Brazilian Movement Director Juliana Landim, KATUMBA is a community-focused project, with an inclusive ethos and hybrid sound.

Our community is comprised of passionate volunteers from all walks of life. Many of us join as complete beginners, and are given the training to perform at carnivals, parades and festivals around the UK and beyond! We compose all our own music and dance choreography, drawing influence from the rhythms and movement of Brazil, Africa, and the Caribbean. This creates an eclectic mix of samba-reggae, drum and bass, hip hop and funk which you can listen to here.

Whilst a hefty collection of Brazilian drums are always at the core of every Katumba show – renowned throughout the North West for our thundering parades – KATUMBA DRUM ‘N’ BRASS works with brass, electronics and vocals to push the experience further. We also collaborate with samba dancers, fire artists, acrobats and everything in between!

As part of the BrazUka International family, KATUMBA strives to nurture good health and wellbeing. Through music and dance, we aim to bring people together, locally, nationally and internationally. We are passionate about making a positive impact in the community, and offer performance workshops to schools, charities and businesses around the North West. Our energiser and education workshops are the perfect way to emphasise a message, or to simply inspire and motivate people of all ages and backgrounds. Past and current partners include the Stroke Association, Anthony Walker Foundation and Everton FC to name a few.

Our strong ethical and cultural identity means that everything we procure – from costumes and accessories to the drums we play – are from fair and sustainable sources. We also support independent artists and businesses, and use ethical practices wherever possible.

KATUMBA truly represents what Liverpool is about; welcoming to all, fun, colourful, and full of character.

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