Katumba Core
Katumba Core

Our Team

Katumba is run by a small staff team, who manage performances, workshops, activities and all the cogs of Katumba – with the support of many brilliant volunteers!

Katumba has 3 staff members with diverse experience, qualifications and skills.  

They are all professional musicians, facilitators/teachers and performers in their own right, and bring a wealth of knowledge to Katumba – with over 60 years experience between them.

Passionate about music, community, culture (and of course, drumming!) together, they are responsible for running all Katumba activities, consistently developing and creating our unique, dynamic and imaginative approach to workshop facilitating / teaching and performance.

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Juliana Pinheiro Landim: Co-Founder & Artistic Director

women drummer smiling brazil

Ritchie Tunstall: Co-Founder & Musical Director

male carnival drummer greenhouse

???? Mark Lycett


Leigh-Angel Bevan: Creative Partner & Teacher

girl drummer

???? Revolucion de Cuba

It’s important to mention that Katumba wouldn’t work without our dedicated members, drummers and volunteers who keep the band going, bringing their skill and positivity to all our performances, activities, and supporting our staff team wherever possible!

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