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HOW TO: Build a Drum

Watch our tutorial videos on how to make an upcycled snare drum, bucket drum and hand held percussion instrument – and how to make them wearable so you can move & drum!

By Leigh-Angel
Wed 03 June, 2020

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As part of our online music and wellbeing project Tune In With Katumba – using inspiration from Brazil, we’re showing you how you can make great sounds out of upcycled household items.

Ritchie, Juliana and Leigh testing their upcycled instruments LIVE on Youtube!

On the tutorial videos below, Juliana and Leigh show you how to build THREE different types of percussion, offering basic and more advanced options for all ages, beginners, and experienced drummers alike!

 If you want to wear your drum, there’s 3 options from easy to hard. And if you don’t own drum sticks, there’s also a video on how you can source sticks from household items, or even when walking in the park!

Once you’ve built your drum, join us online for free drumming and movement sessions, where we teach you how to play and move with your instrument. Sessions start on Wednesday 10th June, and you can book your free space here.

Below are ALL the videos on our Youtube channel playlist; including how to build a drum and how to make it wearable:


The Three Instruments

  1. Hand Held Drum – super easy for young people or those that prefer a smaller instrument like a tamborim
  2. Bucket Drum – with two tones that make it a versatile bass/surdo, dobra, alfaia and even repinique drum
  3. Snare Drum – which achieves that great rattly sound

Sourcing Your Sticks

  1. From wooden spoons to sticks you can find in the park, in this video we show you what you need to consider when sourcing drumsticks.

Want to make your drum wearable?

  1. EASY (tape and string)
  2. INTERMEDIATE – more durable (making holes in your drum)*
  3. HARD – most durable (making holes and hoops)*

*For intermediate and hard options, adult supervision is essential.

Got a watering can? Check out this video on how you can upcycle it into a great sounding and wearable drum!

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