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HOW TO: Submit Your Video

PERFORM WITH US as part of “Tune in with Katumba”’s split-screen video! Learn the song with easy drumming and movement tutorials, film yourself & send it to us by 17/7/20

By Leigh-Angel
Thu 02 July, 2020

HOW TO: Submit Your Video

PERFORM WITH US as part of “Tune in with Katumba”’s split-screen video! Learn the song with easy drumming and movement tutorials, film yourself & send it to us by 17/7/20

By Leigh-Angel
Thu 02 July, 2020

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Catch the Premiere of the final film at our Online Fiesta on July 31st. Click here for more information.

What a journey ‘Tune In With Katumba’ has been! Time’s flown, Lockdown’s eased and we’ve had a whole lotta fun building our own drums, playing the tune and learning the moves!

But the best is yet to come: our SPLIT SCREEN video featuring YOU!

Even if you didn’t take part in our interactive rehearsals, you can have loads more fun watching our videos & learning the ‘Life After Lockdown’ song and moves. THEN send us a recording of yourself rocking away – and be part of the film we’ll launch at our “Tune In With Katumba” Online Fiesta on Friday 31st July.

Everyone can get involved! Check out how below ???????? You can also download handy step-by-step instructions here: Katumba – HOW TO Submit Your Video


What Will I Need?

???? Your instrument and sticks. Don’t have an instrument? Check out our playlist here on how you can upcycle a drum and source drumsticks from items/junk around the house. Or, if you’d rather just move or dance – that’s fine too!

???? ???? Two devices:

  1. A smartphone/laptop/tablet/smart TV to play our backing track on Youtube so you can play along in time when you film yourself. You can use any of the faster 116bpm play along videos found here.
  2. A smartphone/camera/laptop with webcam to film yourself. We only need the video image of you playing and NOT the audio, so don’t worry about recording the sound – this means you can speak the words when you play too and no-one will know ????

???? A set of speakers or headphones for hearing the backing track clearly over your instrument while recording.


What Do I Do?

1. Learn the Song and Moves
Take your time to learn our #LifeAfterLockdown song; a samba-reggae inspired tune composed using the words sent to us by the public.

RHYTHMS: Click here for our playlist of broken-down drumming tutorial videos for each instrument – whether upcycled or “real”. Choose whichever instrument you want (or if you fancy a challenge, try a few!).

MOVES: Click here for our step-by-step (see what we did there?) movement tutorials. Movement is optional, but encouraged ????

2. Practice Practice Practice!
Once you’re comfortable with the rhythms, test your knowledge here with our play along videos, and here with our move along videos. There are two different speeds: the FAST one (116bpm) is the tempo you’ll be performing at, the SLOW one below (100bpm) is a great way to practice at a slower pace. Make sure you feel comfortable with it before moving to the next step!

3. Record Yourself!
When you’re confident and ready to rock – record yourself performing the song at 116bpm in portrait orientation and send it our way so we can create a BIG split-screen video! OR if you’d prefer to just perform your favourite part of the song, that’s OK too 🙂

Please film yourself as follows:

  • The camera needs to be straight, level and steady. Best using a mini phone tripod/holder or makeshift stand to hold device in place.
  • Use the highest quality/resolution
  • Don’t forget to clean the lens!
  • Portrait Orientation (longways NOT sideways).
  • Plenty of light! Make sure the light is facing you and not behind you or you will be silhouetted.
  • Make sure you fill the screen and minimise any ‘dead space’ in the shot – remember to leave enough room for raising the arms!
  • You can be creative with your backdrop and where you film yourself – inside or outdoors! Just make sure it is a clean uncluttered space and the majority of light is in front of you.
  • Feel free to dress up colourful carnival style! If you would rather not show your face, you could use facepaint, a filter, clever lighting – or even a paper bag! Whatever makes you feel most confident when performing.
  • If you don’t want to appear on camera, then its ok to send a close up of the drum being played too.
  • Don’t worry about mistakes – it’s more important that you’re enjoying yourself, smiling, moving, feeling the rhythms. Any outtakes are also very welcome ????


4. Submit Your Video!
The file will be too big to send via email, and using social media will degrade the image quality. Not what we want after all your hard work and practising! The industry uses WeTransfer, which is a free to use service (no registration needed).

  • Go to WeTransfer.com on your phone’s web browser and the website will walk you through how to share a file using email – for free. Click here for a step by step guide.
  • When asked what email to send to, use hello@katumba.co.uk
  • In the message box, leave your name in the message if you’d like to be featured in our credits
  • UNDER 18s: footage MUST come from your parent or carer’s email address. In the message box, please include the parent name, child’s name and ages. We need parent/carer permission before posting your film on YouTube. Also let us know if you DON’T want to be featured on our credits.
  • Please only submit one file per person. Make sure you send us your best take!

If you’re still struggling with wetransfer (even after reading the tutorial), you can send us your video by whatsapp to 07791612905. Please note this will massively reduce video quality so wetransfer is preferable.

You can submit your video at any time from now until 5pm on 17/7/2020 (Friday 17th July)!


What Next?

The final video will be premiered on Friday 31st July, as part of Katumba’s Online Fiesta full of music, dance and performance! AND once public gatherings are allowed, we’ll invite you come and perform the tune with us – for real!

All activities are part of our online music and wellbeing project: “Tune in With Katumba”. Funded by Arts Council England.


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