KATUMBA drum Twickenham Rugby Sevens
KATUMBA drum Twickenham Rugby Sevens

KATUMBA @ Twickenham Rugby Sevens

By Leigh-Angel
Fri 23 February, 2018


It’s March already and we’re way into 2018 (where has the time gone?!), which means it’s almost time for Katumba’s annual performance at Twickenham Stadium for the Rugby Sevens. Every year the band journeys down South – with a hefty collection of Brazilian drums, vibrant costumes, eager drummers and of course, copious amounts of glitter – to get the crowds dancing in celebration of this world famous event!


Amy Chidlow, resident dobra player and videographer was part of the band performing at Twickenham stadium in 2017. Taking her camera with her on the trip last year, she captured the wild weekend on film.

“The opportunity to film and play with the band at Twickenham was incredible but very scary as I’d only every played live once and was relatively new to the band. The first night I lay awake thinking about how big the Twickenham stadium was and how many people were going to see me mess up the entire performance, but that all melted away after the first parade. It’s such an amazing feeling to perform and even more amazing when it’s at a venue that big.”


I joined Katumba about a year ago now after accidently seeing them perform somewhere in the Baltic triangle. The backdoor to the venue was open and as I walked past, I heard the drumming and had to sneak in and have a look and instantly new I wanted to join.”

“Everyone was so supportive in the band and after that weekend I truly felt like a member of the Katumba family.”

“This was one of my first projects as a freelance film maker so when I look back on the video a year later I shake my fist at all the things I could have done differently in terms of filming and editing, however its goes without saying that I captured some great footage of the band and their brilliant energy makes it a pleasure to capture them on film. Over the past year I have progressed massively as an independent videographer, specifically in music and live events and hope to continue my creative relationship with the band!”


You can see more of Amy’s work here.

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