JL bike Katumba
JL bike Katumba

Drumming Band on Sponsored Bike Ride: Sunday 15th July 2018

On Sunday 15th July, drummers and a Director from drumming band Katumba are jumping on their bikes and cycling 25 miles as part of a crowdfunder campaign for a much-needed new van!

By Leigh-Angel
Thu 05 July, 2018

Moved by Jane’s incredible story, five more drummers from the band will join the sponsored cycle on Sunday 15th July including Movement Director and Katumba Founder, Juliana Landim!

Talking of her reasons for also jumping on a bike, Juliana said:

“Being back on two wheels is one of the joys that drumming brought back to me after my accident. Our style of drumming is like gentle weight lifting for the pelvis so after breaking mine in 3 places it was incredible for my recovery physically and mentally – as I also suffered from PTSD. So what better way to help raise awareness around our fundraiser than join Jane while we celebrate Katumba and what it has done for us both on our own journeys back to recovery!”

Jane, who planned the ride and is cycling with a drum in her basket instead of her usual snacks, has asked people to sponsor the value of their favourite treat on Katumba’s Crowdfunder page! Jane says she is chuffed to be joined by more drummers: “It’s great that everyone is showing support for this slightly crazy idea! Even better that a handful are challenging themselves too by joining in!”

Sunday also marks the last day of Katumba’s online Crowdfunder, which is not only accepting donations but also has a range of goodies on offer including tshirts, hoodies, gigs, VIP packages and an upcoming Katumba EP! These can be purchased with all proceeds going towards the repair of a very old and incredibly essential van which takes the up and down the country delivering accessible community and wellbeing projects.

The cycling drummers will set off from Katumba HQ at John Archer Hall early morning, and aim to arrive at Walton Hall, Warrington around 1pm. There, they hope to make it just in time to drum with the rest of the band as part of Disability Awareness Day (DAD), the world’s largest ‘not for profit’ voluntary-led disability exhibition.

Katumba Bloco will be performing throughout the afternoon of the event, which is held annually in a huge tented village within the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington.

You can sponsor the drummers on their 25 mile cycle here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/katumba/


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