Katumba community drumming band
Katumba community drumming band

Katumba and Beat It: The Power of Group Drumming

BEAT IT is a Liverpool based health and wellbeing drumming project run by Katumba and the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium.

By Leigh-Angel
Mon 16 April, 2018

Our community outreach project BEAT IT focuses on health and wellbeing across Merseyside, and the positivity that group drumming can bring to people’s lives.

Over the past 6 months, our BEAT IT sessions have helped people build confidence, express themselves, work as a team and have fun! Many participants had such a fantastic time that they wanted to become permanent members of our band.

Happy Katumba samba drummers

The feedback has been overwhelming. Here are just some of the things people had to say:

‘Drumming is the highlight of my week’

‘It brings you out of your shell’

‘I’ve never had so many hugs in my life!’

‘It gives me feelings of self-worth’        

‘I went through some really bad trauma.
It was samba drumming that brought me out of myself’

‘Katumba is like a family’

‘People smile & welcome you – it uplifts me’

‘You meet people that you wouldn’t

normally have the opportunity to mix with’

‘I feel like part of a community’

Katumba group drumming for positive mental health

Drumming helps us to feel connected to others, and has a proven positive impact on health and wellbeing. From endorphin release to forming new neurological connections and reducing stress hormones; scientific evidence shows that drumming can maximise brain function and have a positive effect on the way we feel.

Group drumming is just as powerful. By providing a ‘safe space’ for people to explore and interact, drumming with others can decrease social isolation and foster a sense of ‘belonging’.

We work with a range of organisations to deliver music therapy projects and workshops focusing on good health and recovery. Partners include the National Stroke Association, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and Everton in the Community.

To find out more about BEAT IT, or our other projects and workshops, please email us at hello@katumba.co.uk

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