Katumba Glasgow Tour (13)
Katumba Glasgow Tour (13)

Improve your live performance with Katumba Masterclasses

Are you a street band, solo drummer or drumming troupe? Looking to add a ‘wow’ factor to your live performance? Katumba Masterclasses might just be perfect for you!

By Leigh-Angel
Thu 25 October, 2018

Katumba is known for its unique style fusing drumming and choreography in high energy performances. True to Brazilian and other native cultural traditions, movement with drumming further expresses the music we play, conveying a narrative to the audience alongside the beats.


Movement Director Juliana Landim creates all Katumba’s choreography. As a native Brazilian, she brings a unique cultural authenticity to the band and performance.

“Movement compliments the story told by the music, and enhances the performance through visually impacting choreography in cohesion with the music style we’re playing, be that Afro-Brazilian, hip hop, samba reggae, big beats, drum and bass… It all fuses into a complimentary experience for those watching. For the players, it can act as a learning aid with clicks and arm movements keeping the tempo for the entire band; bringing energy from within when needed; and as context to where the music comes from and the story it tells, e.g. Oshun beat will utilise some of the known oshun movements in the song, and so on.”


During Katumba’s trip to Glasgow for Oi Musica’s excellent Street Band Encontro Festival in 2017, we met some fantastic groups from all over the country and Europe. We were honoured when some of those bands – excited by our unique performance of drumming with choreographed movement – invited us to hold masterclasses with them!


We had so much fun working with Jack Drum Arts in Crook, showing them our moves and collaborating styles to create something new:

“It was an amazing couple of days last week with Juliana & Ritchie from @Katumba. Looking forward to putting all those moves into our set. Big huge thank you to Ritchie and Juliana for a fantastic inspiring couple of days. What a shame that it’s a 3 hour drive to Liverpool – if it was closer we would all join Katumba :)”

Helen Ward, Jack Drum Arts, Crook


Sharing artistic knowledge is very important to us, and we love doing it! We respect where our cultural influences come from, and enjoy collaborating with other artists and musicians to create rhythms and movements that are inspired, emotive and full of energy.

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