Drumming Group Liverpool - Drumming Group Liverpool
Drumming Group Liverpool - Drumming Group Liverpool

Katumba are all aboard the Blue and Yellow Submarine at the Eurofest 2023 Parade!

Fri 21 April, 2023

Katumba are all aboard the Blue and Yellow Submarine at the Eurofest 2023 Parade!

Fri 21 April, 2023

Katumba is joining in right at the heart of Eurofest!

Katumba drummers are turning out in full force for the huge Blue and Yellow Submarine Parade on 5 May from 6pm – 9pm.

Join us and hundreds of others for this family friendly, mass participation event, a spectacular parade through Liverpool’s city centre, ending up at the Eurovision Village to kick off their launch event.

Witness a submarine research vessel exploring the deep sea… Its mission is an underwater life of happiness, making friends in a world where everyone lives in unity.

The parade and all its characters and creations symbolise the partnership with Liverpool and Ukraine, the global Eurovision community and the unity it brings.

You can expect a drumming octopus, skating jellyfish, disco ball angler fish and lots of other sea creatures parading the streets, the epic submarine gliding in their wake.

Drumming Group Liverpool - Drumming Group Liverpool

Giant Octopus rehearsals at Katumba! Things are hotting up for the Blue and Yellow Sub Parade as part of Eurofest 2023!


Performers in blue form a vast undulating sea, with a shoal of fish weaving in and out.

It is an underwater kingdom of sounds, dancing and fun ending in a very exciting finale at the Eurovision Village at Pier Head, not to be missed!

Everyone is invited to join in en route and adopt the underwater fancy dress theme.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Excitingly, there is still time to become part of the creative team behind the parade!

Aquatopiaaa, the production team behind the spectacular event, is still accepting new Volunteers – click here to get involved!


Excitement builds as Liverpool steps up to present a multifaceted, all encompassing programme of events

Anticipation is high as Liverpool’s Eurovision Song Contest moment is soon upon us – and not just a moment either – as in true Liverpool form, the city has decided to go several extra miles and lay on an expansive programme of cultural events.

These are coming to life at local level from street parties to art commissions involving children and adults alike, to three major shows at the Liverpool Arena centred on the two Semi-Finals and the Grand Final.

Time seems to have accelerated since the announcement that Liverpool would be hosting, with creativity in the City going into overdrive with plans and productions being brought to life in time for the start of the celebrations on 1 May.

A big focus is being given to Ukraine, ensuring a strong connection between everything that will going on in Liverpool and last year’s winners, who are sadly not able to host due to safety concerns.

Whilst the Semi-Finals are on 9 and 11 May and the Grand Final – at the Liverpool Arena – is on Saturday 13 May, as anyone who is watching the growing online coverage will know, there is a whole host of other satellite events to draw visitors and locals into the fun.

Known as Eurofestival 2023, this Eurovision themed arts programme runs from the 1 May – 14 May and includes 24 new art commissions – 19 of which are collaborations between Ukrainian and UK artists.

It’s an exciting time to be in Liverpool, so block out your diary and prepare to be swept along by Eurovision Fever!



What is the Eurovision Song Contest?

It is an international song competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), featuring participants representing primarily European countries.

It was first held in 1956, to unite European countries through cross-border television broadcasts following World War II, and to test the capabilities of international broadcast technology!

This year is the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

Why is Liverpool hosting?

Liverpool was chosen following a strong city bid process that included Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle.

The win was a result of several factors including the facilities at the Liverpool Arena, which exceeded the requirements for the competition.

Also mentioned was Liverpool’s ability to accommodate thousands of visiting delegations, crew, fans and journalists, and the city’s infrastructure.

We are convinced that the passion and determination shown by Liverpool in its desire to host the competition, and the creative and myriad ways that Liverpool proposed to reflect Ukraine’s win in 2022, also had a part to play!

Read more about Liverpool’s Eurovision hosting selection here

How many Eurovision Song Contest shows are there?

There are three live shows – the two Semi-Finals and the Grand Final – and six production shows – all held at the Liverpool Arena and being broadcast by the BBC.

If you haven’t been able to get an Arena ticket, do not despair, as the shows are also being broadcast at the Eurovision Village at Pier Head – which is free to attend apart from the Grand Finale Party on Saturday 13 May.

How do I get to see a show?

You can purchase tickets to attend the Semi-Finals and Grand Final at the Arena.

Whilst tickets are currently sold out, the good news is more tickets being released this Monday 24 April – click here for more info – and be ready to act fast!

Alternatively – or in addition – you can head to the Eurovision Village at Pier Head, where there will be screenings of the Grand Final and the two Semi-Finals plus events and live performances.

The first eight days of the Eurovision Village will be free and non-ticketed.

Tickets to the Grand Finale Party at the Eurovision Village on Saturday 15 May are £15.

You can buy a maximum of four tickets at once, and they are currently available only to National Lottery Players.

Click here to purchase tickets.

What is Eurofest 2023?

Eurofest 2023 is the name given to the programme of Eurovision themed arts events running alongside the Eurovision Song Contest from the 1 May – 14 May.

The programme includes 24 new art commissions – 19 of which are collaborations between Ukrainian and UK artists.

The Blue and Yellow Submarine Parade featuring Katumba and over a hundred other performers, weaving its way through the city centre to the Eurovision Village at Pier Head on Saturday 5 May 6-9pm is part of Eurofest!

How do we find out what’s on and start making a plan?

Start your planning by visiting these two key websites, between them they contain everything you need to know!



Then we suggest going here to create your own tailored Eurovision schedule by saving your favourites!

Happy planning, and see you there, EuroFans!