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Katumba Marches to End ‘Honour’ Based Abuse

Katumba, Severa UK and others march for an end to ‘Honour’ Based Abuse on Int’l Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

Thu 23 November, 2023

Katumba Marches to End ‘Honour’ Based Abuse

Katumba, Severa UK and others march for an end to ‘Honour’ Based Abuse on Int’l Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

Thu 23 November, 2023

Merseyside based charity Severa has organised a march through Liverpool city centre from Williamson Square on Saturday 25th November to call an end to ‘Honour’ Based Abuse (HBA) and harmful practices, after it has seen an increase of almost 6% in new referrals into its service and a continuing growth in demand.


Join us! This Saturday, meeting at Williamson Square at 1:45pm!!!


What’s going to happen?

There will be a drumming performance from Katumba and some short speeches before the march begins heading through town with Movema’s Sankofa and Liver Birds performing to celebrate the beauty of culture.

There will be a further stop along the route when Savera UK survivor ambassador Khatra Paterson will share her story, and readings from Savera UK’s clients will be shared.

The march will end at Mann Island, where Savera UK will share the ‘One Chance Rule’ a simple and effective tool for anyone to help those who may be at risk of HBA or harmful practices.

We will all then join Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner’s violence against women and girls’ event, with stalls, guest speakers and a vigil taking place in the atrium at Mann Island.

Why are we marching on that day?

The march takes place on November 25, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women & Girls.

This day serves as a poignant reminder of the global commitment to eradicate gender-based violence.

On this day we amplify the voices of survivors and advocates, fostering awareness about the pervasive nature of such violence.

This day pushes to the front of our minds, the urgency to address underlying societal norms that perpetuate these injustices against women and girls.

The significance of this day lies not only in condemning violence but also in promoting gender equality, empowering women, and dismantling systemic barriers.

Through education, advocacy, and solidarity, the day aims to spark a collective effort towards creating a world where every woman and girl lives free from fear and violence.

What is Severa UK?

Severa UK exists to provide people with information and the tools to help end this abuse and help survivors and those at risk of HBA and associated harmful practices, which include forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), conversion therapy and more.

Savera have chosen to launch their seminal campaign ‘Culture is Beautiful: No Excuse for Abuse’ at the march on Saturday.

The campaign seeks to raise public awareness of the ‘silent’ and often misunderstood issues of ‘Honour’ Based Abuse, or HBA, and associated harmful practices, and to separate them from cultures and religions that are wrongly used to excuse or justify them.

What is ‘Honour’ Based Abuse?

Honour-Based Abuse (HBA) is a form of violence wherein individuals, predominantly women, face harm or even death due to perceived violations of cultural or familial honour.

Rooted in traditional norms, HBA manifests through control, coercion and violence, aiming to maintain family reputation.

Victims often endure forced marriages, isolation, and emotional torment.

HBA transcends borders and communities, necessitating a global effort to raise awareness, challenge cultural norms, and provide support for those at risk.

By recognizing the gravity of HBA and promoting education, societies can work towards dismantling these harmful practices, fostering a world where dignity and respect supersede harmful traditions.

Does ‘Honour’ Based Abuse happen in Liverpool?

Afrah Qassim, CEO and Founder of Savera UK, said: 

“Every year, 5,000 people die as a result of HBA and harmful practices. While these issues are more prevalent in some communities, the issues can affect people of all ages, genders, sexualities, ethnicities and backgrounds, and the issue is present in the Liverpool City Region.

This is a message that we want to share with the city region. HBA can affect anyone, and it is a problem that we all need to be aware of, so that we can end it together.

We also want to break the myth that HBA and harmful practices are part of any culture or religion – they are not. They are human rights abuses, plain and simple.

As well as raising awareness, our march will be a celebration of culture, which is beautiful and foundational to us all. We will not allow culture or religion to be connected to these practices or used as an excuse for abuse.”

How can I join in the march, and see Katumba play?

Just turn up on Saturday with an open mind and warm clothing! Come and show your support for the women and girls affected, and let the world know that culture is beautiful, and abuse has no part in it!

We are playing right at the beginning so get there by 2pm to see up play!

How can I find out more about HBA and support positive change?

Head over to the Savera UK website to find out more about the programme of activities and events organised by Savera UK that are taking place at the moment to highlight the issue of HBA and harmful practices.


Image: Savera UK’s 2022 March event (photo by Gary Lambert)